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Treating stress, pain, and injury.


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Lasting Relief

“I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know how long it’s been since I slept that good. I usually toss and turn and get up throughout the night. I didn’t at all last night. And I feel great this morning. Thank you so much, Brian.” – Savannah

Sports Massage

“Brian is awesome! I am a CrossFitter and with that being said, I needed a good massage to help loosen the kinks on my shoulders and left and right arm.  He knew exactly where to alleviate the pain. I look forward to making an appointment for a full body massage.” – Riza

Improved Performance

“…His full body sports massages are perfect after a week of hard training, not exerting the type of pressure that would have me crying in pain (like with other people I have seen) but just enough that I feel rejuvenated and ready to train…” – Joy

Personal Attention

“…Ursa Major was a different experience.  It was the first massage therapy center that took extra time to discuss exactly what my issues were and assessed what areas needed the proper focus.  I’ve never received this type of individual attention before…” – Alec

Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Therapeutic Massage

Our massage therapists specialize in therapeutic massage. We focus every treatment to the individual needs of the client on the day they visit. Using a variety of modalities, we will find an appropriate and efficient treatment plan that will leave you feeling better.

Pain Relief

Pain is the body letting you know that something is wrong. By listening to that pain and fixing the cause, you can find rapid and sustained relief. We focus on the source of pain as well as the symptom. We treat both so you find relief today and prevent the pain from returning.

Performance Enhancement

If moving better or improving performance is your goal, we can help. Our therapist is an athlete and personal trainer and understands the specific needs of athletes. We focus on using massage as a way for you to play better. You’ll notice improvements after one treatment.

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We are currently taking appointments Monday-Saturday from 6am to 8pm. Sessions frequently book weeks in advance, but we try to be as accommodating as possible. Same day appointments are frequently an option.

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