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Ursa Major Massage

About the Practice

Ursa Major Massage was opened in 2013 in Roseville, California. From the first day we opened, our goal has been to provide the best experience for our clients possible. We focus on each individual client and give customized treatments; we do not have a generic massage that everyone receives.

The majority of our clients are people in pain or recovering from injuries. We treat a large number of chronic pain patients with excellent results. We also work with athletes of all different levels to improve performance and prevent or rehab injuries.

What is Ursa Major?

Ursa Major is a star constellation that represents the Great Bear. This group of stars is meaningful to us for several reasons. First, it pays tribute to the California State Flag and its history. Inside Ursa Major is the more commonly known constellation, The Big Dipper. This is a constant reminder of our Alaskan origins.

Brian, our owner, was born and raised in Alaska and could see The Big Dipper daily from his home, which is commonly used to identify the North Star. Interestingly, The Big Dipper is also the signature of the Alaska State Flag. Ursa Major links our past with our present and guides us to our future by showing us where north is.

Brian Gwaltney, MS, CMT
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About Brian

Brian is a lifelong athlete who has a passion for helping people. He started his career as an engineer, but quickly found that coaching and teaching others was far more fulfilling, so he decided to make that his full-time career. Brian opened his first gym in Juneau, Alaska and worked with personal training clients as well as high school athletes. As an assistant coach to the Thunder Mountain Track and Field and Cross Country teams, he mentored over 100 athletes and helped many achieve personal records and helped four teams reach regional championships during his career there.

Deciding to pursue more education and move to a warmer climate, Brian enrolled in the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2013. There he was exposed to a variety of massage modalities including: Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point therapy, Thai, and craniosacral. His focus in school was therapeutic massage as most of his former clients were injured athletes, but he also developed the sensitivity required to give an excellent relaxation massage.

Brian also completed a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree during the fall of 2013. Because nutrition is such a key component to health, weight loss, and athletic performance, he wanted to learn as much about nutrition as he could. During his Master’s program, he learned a variety of eating styles and their specific purposes as well as ways to incorporate them into people’s busy lives to suit their specific needs.

After graduating near the top of his class, Brian started an internship at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, a gym voted #1 in America by Men’s Health. There, he further refined his skills as a massage therapist and strength and conditioning coach. He worked with a wide range of clients including 7th graders learning to lift for the first time to Olympic and professional athletes as well as adults just looking to stay in shape. He received an excellent education and was mentored by many of the best coaches in the industry.

Brian opened Ursa Major Massage in the winter of 2013 and continues to provide massage therapy and personal training services to residents in the Roseville community and greater Sacramento area.