This time of year people start exercising in groups more.

I’m all for group training sessoins. The ones I’ve been a part of always involve a lot of laughing, and the time seems to fly by. It’s easier to find motivation because you can push each other, and knowing someone is waiting for you makes it easier to go out and work.

All that being said, it’s very important to train for a purpose. If you are planning an easy recovery run or ride, stick to the plan. One of the tendencies in groups is to push harder because no one wants to be the weakest link. Endurance groups tend to become very competitive unintentionally.

There are training days that you use to improve performance long term, and there are racing days where you test your performance. Testing/racing constantly doesn’t improve performance because your body never has time to recover or build. It is constantly being stressed and broken down.

Workout in groups all you want, but keep the goal the goal. If you plan an easy run, keep it easy. Don’t let a friendly group run turn into a race that nobody talks about.