It’s truly incredible to me how much a little bit can do.

The past two weekends I’ve spent learning about the crainial system and how adjusting the bones of the skull can produce incredible results in the rest of the body. The really impressive part is the maximum pressure used is around 5 lbs. The average is around 1/4 of an ounce or around the weight of a nickel.
But that tiny pressure applied to the right location at the right time can completely erase a headache and frequently prevent it from coming back. Or it can allow someone to sleep without grinding their teeth. Or put them in a deep relaxing sleep.
And the more I think about the minimum effective pressure concept, the more I realize it applies to many areas of our life. For instance, if I spend an hour around a cat, I’m likely to be sick for four days.¬†Some people are so sensitive to foods that a single bite can kill them.
Tiny things can affect us psychologically as well. I’m sure you can think of an instance when someone really important to you said a single sentence that was hurtful, but it left you in pain for weeks. On the other hand, the right person can say a few words that leave us elated for weeks as well.
The point of these examples is to remind us how sensitive we are. Certainly there is a time and place for sledge hammers in life, but it has been my experience that sometimes the smallest things are the most powerful. Both positive and negative.
It’s important to acknowledge this fact and make a conscious effort to use the appropriate stimulus for the desired result.
Always use just enough and never more.