Rest days are something I constantly struggle with.

I am very goal oriented, and when I perceive something as keeping me from my goal, like a rest day, I get frustrated very quickly. Because of this, I usually don’t progress as fast as I could if I trained smarter.

We always think about strength or fitness coming from the workout. But what is actually happening in the workout? You are breaking down your muscles and applying stress to them. We get the strength from letting our body adjust to that stress and then rebuild stronger than before.

Would you rather compete in some physical event right after a hard workout or after a day or two of rest? I hope you wanted to rest first. After rest is where you are strongest and the same applies to normal workouts.

Make sure you are spending enough time resting. That is where the change is really happening. You will be shocked at how little stimulation your body actually needs to adapt.

This week, really focus on creating quality rest for yourself. Don’t stress about not working out. Enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing while your body repairs itself. If you are like me, and need to feel like you are actually doing something to get better, visualize yourself rebuilding stronger or more efficient muscles.