Massage Specialities

A customized approach to meet your needs.

Pain Relief

Our primary modality is hard to describe as a massage. Rather than using typical massage techniques you are probably familiar with, we have discovered that using the body’s natural reflexes is a much faster and effective treatment. By using specific non-invasive and painless techniques we can drastically reduce pain levels in just a few minutes. We aim to reduce pain levels by at least 50% on the first 30 minute visit and frequently see much better and even faster results than that. This treatment isn’t right for everyone, but we are so confident in its effectiveness that we refund any person that does not benefit from this modality.

Sports Massage

Our therapist has been a lifelong athlete and has been involved with improving athletic performance for many years. He is a personal trainer and has coached a wide range of athletes from middle school hockey players to professional athletes. This experience gives him an uncommon understanding of the needs of athletes. By using a variety of techniques we provide effective sports massage treatments designed to improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury. Regular sports massage is a great way to improve recovery and get the most out of your body.

Therapeutic Massage

All of our treatments begin by coming up with a specific goal. That might be pain relief, addressing tissue length, mobility, relaxation or anything else you need help with. By having a specific goal in mind, we can tailor our treatment to produce the greatest therapeutic effect for your. You will not receive a typical “signature” massage at our office as every treatment is specifically designed for the needs you have the day of the appointment. Our client focused atmosphere ensures you receive an exceptional healing experience every time you come in.

Get and stay out of pain.

Craniosacral Massage

Craniosacral massage is work focused on the movement and position of the 22 bones in the skull as well as the spine and sacrum. Using very subtle and gentle pressures, this therapy can produce massive results. We really like this style to aid in headaches, TMJ or jaw pain, whiplash injuries, stiff necks, sciatica, and emotional trauma that is presenting physically.

These sessions are very calm and relaxing and most people report an amazing night’s sleep after the treatment. Most treatments are entirely clothes-on.

Deep Tissue Massage

Many people associate deep tissue work with pain. We think this is unfortunate as most deep tissue work can be performed without unnecessary discomfort. Our deep tissue work is designed to relieve adhesions in your muscles and fascia, break up knots and improve tissue quality. Our approach is a little slower during the treatment than most, but this allows us to reach very deep areas without a great deal of pain. Our clients regularly comment that our treatments provide equal relief but with a fraction of the discomfort as other therapists they have visited.


  • Easy going guy, great to work with, made a huge difference with movement in my injured shoulder!!!

    Satisfied Customer
  • Brian stands out from other massage therapists. Firm pressure but not sheet tearing pain.  I have many tight knots in my neck and he took the time to find each one. As an athlete, I appreciate Brian’s intuitive gift for the healing touch on my cycling legs and glutes.  Lets call it Goldilock’s massage.  Also he did a fabulous job on my shoulders since I sit a lot at a desk job and ride my bike excessively. I am looking forward to my next bike race and will need Brian to help me with the recovery and TLC for my tired sore muscles.

  • I was very satisfied with the work Brian did on my back and shoulder. He listened…Then gave me attention where I needed it. A quality that isn’t all that common anymore. His approach was very user friendly, and his location is easy to get to. Will definitely be going back.

  • I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know how long it’s been since I slept that good. I usually toss and turn and get up throughout the night. I didn’t at all last night. And I feel great this morning. Thank you so much, Brian.

  • Brian is awesome! I am a CrossFitter and with that being said, I needed a good massage to help loosen the kinks on my shoulders and left and right arm.  He knew exactly where to alleviate the pain. I look forward to making an appointment for a full body massage.