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I must say, I was surprised. I am generally very skeptical of yet another place claiming they understand injuries and athletes. Needless to say, Brian was amazing. The only reason I went in the first place was an impulse buy on a groupon, which I’ve done before at other places and never gone back. By the end of the session, I was ready to book the next!

I have had chronic back pain/problems for 9 years.  While I can usually keep it under control with stretching, when things get really out of whack (like how I started running a couple times a week), I had accepted that there was nothing I could do.  I was very impressed with Brian’s knowledge of the human body in a way that is different from your typical masseuse.  It felt like the knowledge of a medical professional with a firm yet relaxing touch.  I normally find “deep tissue” to be a painful experience of fighting back tears and leaving bruise, but this was not the case at Ursa Major. I felt I got a deep work through without all the suffering I’m accustomed to.  I didn’t even have to say where else I was tight. He could just find it. It truly was the best of both worlds.  I’m pretty sure I could even hear the birds outside making their little noises since the building/surroundings were so quiet.

Other massages feel like I’m getting charged my first born child, and then the massage feels like 5 minutes.  Neither was the case here.  I never thought someone could make a believer out of me, but I can already say, I’m hooked.

Best massage I’ve ever had. Brian knows his stuff and uses simple, painless techniques that relieve pain almost immediately. As a lifelong dancer, I have some old injuries, some chronic pain and constant tension and soreness throughout my body. His evaluation and approach got rid of it all. Highly recommend and will be going back.

I am so happy to have found Brian at Ursa Major Massage! I have had chronic back and neck pain for years. I have a few tricks to relieve the pain when it gets too bad, but this time, nothing was working. I was suffering from a serious tension headache. I called Brian and he was able to schedule me for the next day. When he had a cancellation for today, he called and offered to move my appointment.

I went in telling Brian that the only thing that would work is a deep tissue massage. He offered to try some other techniques and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised! My headache is gone, my neck and back feel great, I feel great!

Not only is Brian skilled in massage, he has a friendly, warm personality.

I am looking forward to my next appointment!

Absolutely one of the best massages I have ever had. Fell in love and truly can not wait to go back.

Brian’s massages were like nothing I’ve ever experienced. He really knew how to work the bodys skeletal system to relieve deep tissue pain. The massage was absolutely amazing!!!

I am truly amazed. Brian got rid of my pain in one visit. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Very relaxing and the time flew by. Wish it were for 180 minutes instead of 90! Brian did a great job explaining things and taking my needs into consideration. I’m hooked!

Brian is excellent! He uses unconventional techniques that I haven’t seen used. I went to him for a shoulder issue that had been getting worse for about 2 months. My doc it was my rotator cuff and to take a relative high dosage of ibuprofen and ice twice a day. Within 30 mins, Brian had my shoulder feeling better than it had in a long time. I had more motion than what I could do before. His recommendation to loosen my muscles is working as well. Most massage therapists will normally have the individual come back for repeated visits which could cost quite a bit. Brian truly treats you and only will tell you to come back for a specific time if needed. I highly recommend his services!

Easy going guy, great to work with, made a huge difference with movement in my injured shoulder!!!

I met Brian via his sponsorship of the bike club I am a co-organizer of (The Hammerin’ Wheels). I had been introduced to the benefits of good consistent sports massages in relation to endurance cycling through other sports massage therapists. I have seen more benefit and results with Brian’s approach not only in the techniques he uses but in his explanation of why/how he is using these techniques. Because of various life events I did not train as well as wanted to this year, however, Brian’s work on me was a key factor in my completing my 6th death ride regardless! Thanks Brian!!

I have a fused neck and because of that, I have a lot of neck pain. Brian applied the Cranial Sacral technique and it gave me more relief than the usual deep tissue massage. It was so relaxing that it actually allowed me to relax my neck muscles long enough to relieve the neck pain. He is very well versed in his field and I highly recommend him. 

Brian is awesome! I am a CrossFitter and with that being said, I needed a good massage to help loosen the kinks on my shoulders and left and right arm.  He knew exactly where to alleviate the pain. I look forward to making an appointment for a full body massage.

Brian stands out from other massage therapists. Firm pressure but not sheet tearing pain.  I have many tight knots in my neck and he took the time to find each one. As an athlete, I appreciate Brian’s intuitive gift for the healing touch on my cycling legs and glutes.  Lets call it Goldilock’s massage.  Also he did a fabulous job on my shoulders since I sit a lot at a desk job and ride my bike excessively. I am looking forward to my next bike race and will need Brian to help me with the recovery and TLC for my tired sore muscles.

I was very satisfied with the work Brian did on my back and shoulder. He listened…Then gave me attention where I needed it. A quality that isn’t all that common anymore. His approach was very user friendly, and his location is easy to get to. Will definitely be going back.

I’m from out-of-town, and I needed a massage before my race in Sacramento (CIM 2013).  Over a year period, I’ve been to several massage therapists for deep tissue work at least once a week.  Not many complaints, but it’s usually the same generic experience from each therapist.  Always felt refreshed afterwards, but wasn’t exactly sure what other benefits I was deriving from the sessions.

Ursa Major was a different experience.  It was the first massage therapy center that took extra time to discuss exactly what my issues were and assessed what areas needed the proper focus.  I’ve never received this type of individual attention before, and it changed my perception of what a proper massage should be.  I exercise six times a week and my body felt more refreshed, loose, and alive the next day than it ever has.  Highly recommend!

I cannot thank you enough. I don’t know how long it’s been since I slept that good. I usually toss and turn and get up throughout the night. I didn’t at all last night. And I feel great this morning. Thank you so much, Brian.

On a recent trip to California I had the pleasure of experiencing Brian’s Craniosacral massage.  I am a massage therapist and very picky about who I get a massage from.  Brian intuitively knows where to work and how much pressure to use.  I would trust him to work on any injury and his work is extremely relaxing.

Brian is amazing and after I strained my IT band a week before a duathlon Brian worked with me daily to get me in racing condition.  He has continued to work with me as I get ready for a triathlon, not only providing Active Release Therapy, but he is also incredibly knowledgeable and trained  in the areas of sport training and nutrition which has been invaluable to me.  His full body sports massages are perfect after a week of hard training, not exerting the type of pressure that would have me crying in pain (like with other people I have seen) but just enough that I feel rejuvenated and ready to train harder knowing I can rely on him weekly to keep me pain free.