What if I told you I could reduce your pain by at least half in less than 30 minutes?

Nearly everyone I work with has pain somewhere or another. Sometimes the pain is a result of a serious injury that happened years ago and other times it is just a nagging ache that doesn’t seem to go away. In either case, everyone has something that hurts!

I began working in the health and fitness industry several years ago and ever since I’ve been looking for better and faster ways to help people get out of pain and get on with life. I’ve found and used all sorts of methods, but I’ve recently started using the most effective treatment I have ever seen or used.

Primal Reflex Release Technique™ was invented by John Iams in southern California and has been developing it over his 40+ year career. This approach utilizes the body’s natural reflexes to release tension and relieve pain through the entire body and it does it at amazing speeds with incredible effectiveness. This treatment is great for back pain, sciatica, chronic pain, stress, tension, muscle pain, injuries and headaches just to name a few. This list certainly isn’t comprehensive.

PRRT doesn’t work for everyone, but one of the major advantages is the speed at which it determines whether it will work or not. The treatments will help on the first or second session or they won’t at all. I will never recommend that someone sees me week after week for pain relief using this method.

Sessions typically last less than 30 minutes and my goal is to reduce pain by at least 50% on the first visit. I hit that goal around 80% of the time. I’m so confident in the results that I guarantee that if you haven’t seen a reduction in pain by at least 50% after two visits, I will refund your payment for both visits and refer you to someone else.

Give me a call today at (907) 764-9014 to see if PRRT™ is right for you and schedule a risk free appointment.

How does PRRT work?

To understand PRRT you need to have a little background on how reflexes work in the body.

We are all born with primal reflexes that stay with us the rest of our lives. For example, a baby latching on to a finger placed in its hand is a reflex. The startle and withdrawal reflex are others that you are probably familiar with when you jump and quickly move away when someone accidentally sneaks up on you.

These reflexes are great for survival, but in our high-stress society, these reflexes start to cause more harm than good. The reflexes have a tendency to build tension in our bodies that can lead to pain in all sorts of places that might seem completely unrelated to one another. That’s where this treatment comes in.

PRRT uses reflexes throughout the body to systematically turn off the tensioning mechanisms in your body. By utilizing reflex responses throughout the body in a positive way, this treatment relaxes the body and relieves tension and pain faster than any other method I’ve seen.

Sessions always start with an interview to determine where your pain is and any previous injuries you’ve had. From there, we will go through a very quick assessment to determine any other areas that might be giving you trouble that you aren’t aware of. After that, we will start the treatment, which will only take a few more minutes. Most people see results instantaneously although a rare minority see results after several hours or even after a second treatment.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give me a call at (907) 764-9014.